My Story

The road of yoga is endless - it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.
My journey began in my home town of Cape Town, South Africa at the age of 16 while discovering the city center with my childhood best friend.  I've always been guided in my life and on that day it chose an amazing book store and to a book on yoga.  It was not the time but in 2008 while on holiday here in Regina, yoga came back into my life.  On my return,it was decided yoga would be my path and this started my passion and self discovery.
Yoga gave me an energy and desire for life again.  I was inspired and still am inspired everyday that I'm on my mat.  It was on my mat that I recognized my path and that was to teach my passion.
My body, heart, mind and soul experienced pain and suffering from a car accident in 1994 which changed everything in my life. Practicing yoga began the healing process with body first and it all followed from there.  I discovered that teaching was inspirational to me and that I excelled as a teacher.
My teaching style is innovative and different. I enjoy encouraging my students to work with their capabilities by developing awareness of the body and what it is capable of doing in the present moment. My goal is to have each of my students experience how to work mindfully within a pose to create freedom and acceptance of the here and now which results in an opening and release of what needs to be let go.
I always try to create dynamic well rounded classes which incorporates breathing techniques, balanced sequencing, relaxation and meditation  all to the wonderful creations of music from exotic locations.
Alignment for safe practice is important to me and a strong focus in all my classes.  I'm constantly learning about the relationship between Anatomy and Yoga and bring this knowledge to class always.  I love knowledge, so I'm constantly seeking more on my journey that I can share with you.  Join me on the mat and let our bodies be free, our minds clear and our spirits soaring.

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