Introduction Special

New Client Special



VBY is excited to offer you our introductory special to an exciting, innovative, unique experience.

Practice Yoga Just For You! Your Family! Your Friends!

As a new client discover this exciting opportunity to practice Yoga designed for your benefit and goals, while creating a community of Yoga buddies (family or friends) that motivate and inspire while on a Yoga journey together.

What Do We Offer You!

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated Yoga teacher!

  • 1 hr Yoga sessions designed for your personal goals and guidance (prop use) for safe practices!

  • Personal attention, alignment & adjustment cues that encourage a mindful opening of the body within Yoga poses!

  • Introducing the practice of Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and discovering the enhancing benefits to body, mind and spirit!

  • Guided meditation to focus and rejuvenate body, mind and soul!

  • Different Yoga styles to suit your personal level and growth! Prenatal Yoga sessions included!

  • A free 15 minute consultation with Yoga teacher to discuss goals and needs!

  • A private yoga session without the price tag!  Invite 3 Family member or friends and share the cost!

  • You choose location and we come to you.  Your house, park or friends place!

Covid 19 

We have all been affected in unimaginable ways by this pandemic and life as we know it has definitely changed.  For some of us, we have experienced this cut off from our existing lives with an increase in stress and worry.  There have been bouts of loneliness and rising cases of depression at different levels as we lead more sentry, solitary lives.  Yoga teaches us how to take care of ourselves from the inside out.  With well documented benefits yoga helps us to reduce physical, mental and emotional unbalances.  It is with this in mind that I desire to help; to use the skill and knowledge I have to heal and restore the balance that has shifted for us all.  Let's create connection.

Our promise is to provide an experience that allows you to break away from everyday routines and open the heart, mind and spirit with the motivation, connection and inspiration of those around you.  Creating a stronger bond throughout.

Enjoy Balance, Breath, Bliss!