Yoga @ Home


 For You! Your Family! Your Friends!

Yoga @ Home is a exciting opportunity to practice Yoga while remaining safe.

VBY offers a choice of in-person or online sessions to suit our clients preferences and practices.

Covid 19 has touched us all, and this pandemic has affected everyone in unimaginable ways that has brought life as we know it to a standstill. With an increase in stress and worry at the forefront of uncertain times, more of us are experiencing bouts of depression and there has been a significant increase in the number of mental issues cases as we lead more sentry, solitary lives.


The benefits of Yoga are well documented and helps reduce physical, mental and emotional unbalance.  As a Yoga instructor, I desire to help, to use the skill and knowledge I have to heal and restore the balance that has shifted for us all.  This desire to be of service has led to Vinyasa Bloom Yoga  creating this inspiring and motivational new service.

Yoga @ Home has been designed to create balance, to find breathing space, to restore the physical, emotional and mental bodies by learning to let it all go.  

A unique small group (You and Your chosen Yoga Buddies) will experience a 60 minutes Yoga session in the comfort of your selected space. 

Our promise is to provide personal attention to your needs as we design sequences for your social bubble that allows a break away from everyday routines and opens the heart, mind & spirit. 

Receive the benefits of a private yoga session without the price tag and enjoy Balance, Breath, Bliss!