Be A Warrior


In the language of Yoga, "Sangha" is Community and this class represents a fellowship of sharing. In our group/community classes we spend time with people who may not have crossed our path or even tried yoga before.  This space is for heart to heart experiences to both teacher and student. An all-level flow class is open to all and beginners are welcomed.

We appreciate the imperfect and unpredictable by being open-minded, flexible and creating effective yoga classes. We believe that providing balanced routines and staying consistent allows our students to feel safe and to know what to expect from each class.

In our group/community classes we set our intention to see our students! How you feel, move, your wants and don't wants - we breathe, move and learn together in a safe, supported space that feels inclusive and can be transformative to all of us.

Yoga brings us together and creates harmony.  Our group/community classes are designed to be affordable to everyone and a great way to share, explore and build on the collective energy of your group or community.