Vinyasa Bloom Yoga, dedicates giving back and raising awareness in honor of the life and memory of Zoey.

Zoey was born February 6, 1996 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We liked to tease her and call her an “Okie” even though she only lived there for about 6 months.

From the very beginning, she demanded our complete attention with her loud, enthusiastic personality. I remember asking her to use her “indoor” or quiet voice so many times. I would give anything to hear that loud voice right now! She always knew what she wanted and did her best to ensure that things went according to her plans. She could be exasperating and argumentative but at the same time, completely adorable and she had John and I wrapped around her little finger. I was very rarely able to tell her no to anything she asked for and nothing ever gave me greater pleasure than seeing a look of pure joy and contentment on her face.

Zoey absolutely adored her big sister “Leeshy” and wanted to do everything with her. When her little brother Noah came along, he and Zo became best buddies and had a lot of adventures together. They wrestled – Zo’s favorite move was to put him in a headlock, played Barbies – Zoey needed someone to be Ken – tormented the dogs together. They stayed close through our family’s many moves, meeting new friends in new schools together. Zoey gave Noah (and her mom!) fashion advice all the time and she even picked out the model of the car that he would end up getting when he got his license. Her dream car was always a Jeep and we surprised her with a brand new red one on her 18th birthday. She was so happy!

All of our kids tried a lot of different sports and the one that Zoey loved the most and stuck with all the way through high school was swimming. She swam on summer swim teams, on the varsity team at school and got her lifeguard certification.
Zo’s other passion was drama. She was a whiz at memorizing lines and started participating in plays in elementary school. She did summer musicals which combined her love of singing and acting.

Zoey went to 8 different schools, even agreeing to move to a new city right before her senior year in High School. I know this must have been tough for her but she didn’t complain – just made the best of it. I know there were times when Zo felt like she had to “live up” to some of our expectations or that we pushed her too hard but I hope she knew that we loved her so, so much just the way she was.

I was always so proud to tell people that Zoey was my daughter. Like any other child, she could be a challenge at times and keeping up with her when she was little just plain exhausted me sometimes but it brought me so much happiness to watch her grow up into the beautiful, intelligent, caring young woman she became. She definitely wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for us.

Most of you know how full of life and energy our feisty, little Zo was and how she could bring a smile to pretty much anyone’s face. My day was never complete without seeing her and hearing her call me momma. When she went away to college, I had to be content with texts and pictures, phone calls and Face Timing but she rarely went a day without communicating with me somehow and I am so grateful for that.

Our Zoey, our Zo-Meister, our Zo-Zo, our Ohney was the center of our family unit – we revolved around her. This wasn’t always a good thing – we used to say “if Zoey isn’t happy, nobody’s gonna be happy” but it definitely gave us direction! She was beautiful inside and out and I was the luckiest person in the world to be her mom. I have lost one of my best friends, my shopping buddy, my fashion, beauty and technology consultant, and one of the absolute loves of my life. Our family has a hole in it that will always be there now and even though the sadness will always be there, I want us to always remember the countless moments of joy and laughter that she gave us and so many others. We love you to the moon, Zo.

Celebrating the Life & Memory of Zoey Zalusky


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IDY - Celebrating Yoga and Giving Back!

We are searching to create a community of peace, serenity, health and wellness so over the next year IDY will be actively searching for a location to inspire us to enjoy Yoga and support our local community entrepreneurs. Stay tuned as information will be advertised in the future.

If you are a yoga teacher, this is an amazing opportunity to giving back your knowledge and sharing your experience and love for teaching yoga.  We will be looking for those teachers who want to be a part of this amazing journey.

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