Private Yoga Classes

A flexible and versatile yoga service




Yoga is the expression of Self Love.  So often we get lost in the noise.  Find your quiet space, and choose how you wish to experience your practice and expression with a Private Yoga class.

Our private sessions are taught with compassion and personal attention with a unique understanding of your needs and the reasons why you step onto your mat. 

Our commitment is to developing the physical body with strength, flexibility, tone and balance and to complement that practice with a journey of discovery. 


With a private session we  enhance the benefits of the physical practice with yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and a profound understanding of the yoga asanas in relation to each individual body.   


A well rounded and balanced private session that encourages and brings a deeper focus to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, creates a union of wellness in body, mind and spirit.  THIS IS YOGA!

Our desire is to welcome you, to nurture your experience and to create a wonderful beginning and long lasting relationship with Yoga.  In a private session, we can encourage open conversation and this form of instruction can lead to a more meaningful and deepening way of practicing Yoga. 

Discover an incredible and powerful transformative experience.  

Our promise is to offer you a safe, creative and fun practice with a personal touch that challenges you but has focus on your needs, goals and uniqueness.  A dedicated instructor that is knowledgeable and will guide you with support and respect.

Our private sessions are open to all, whether you are new to the practice of yoga, in rehabilitation from injury or illness, prenatal or just want to take your practice to a deeper place.

We deliver custom sessions which are designed with you.  We are here to show you the beauty of a one-on-one or private group session.

" We love Yoga and we love how Yoga has benefited us in our Journey.  Our dedication will bring joy as we support you and comfort you and challenge you but most of all share and celebrate with you while on this amazing Path of Discovery."

This is Vinyasa Bloom Yoga.


Rise & Shine

Daily Morning Sessions

6am - 9am


Energy Renew

Monday Midday Sessions

11am - 2pm


Relax Flow

Daily Evening Sessions

6pm - 9pm